My Story

I am a proud NAVY wife and have more than 15 years of experience in customer service.  I have an Associate of Arts degree from Santa Fe College located in Gainesville, FL. and studied photography at Shaw Academy Online.  I purchased my first high-tech camera about 5 years ago and so began an endless passion of what I could capture.

Over the past few years, the job jumping has gotten less and less appealing and has instilled a fire in me to build something of my own.  I desired to build something I could continuously develop and would not simply disappear the next time the NAVY moves us.  I needed something that I could watch grow and develop and not leave behind. What I found was my eye, my creativity, my passion, and my will to learn and succeed. What I found was Deevine Photography. I will continue to learn, grow, and develop what I have created.



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